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Operating Panels

Operating Panels


Control panels for industrial environments

NUM CNC SERVİS the operating panels are delivered with an integrated PC or are intended for operation with an external PC. The FS152 is equipped with 22 large function keys, while the FS192 features complete touch screen control panels. The equivalent machine control panels (MP04, MP05) are provided for the control panels.

NUM CNC SERVİS using the nPad, the machines can even be operated using a small and lightweight hand-held terminal. The nPad is also available in a wireless version.

NUM CNC SERVİS the FS152i and FS192i control panels, which are equipped with an integrated PC, are available in a large range of different performance classes. These operating panels make easy to realise sophisticated, modern systems.


  nPad FS192i / MP05

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