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More than 5000 different motors

The comprehensive NUM CNC SERVİS –  Motor series offer an excellent volume/performance ratio and great dynamics, and are suited to almost all applications. Their perfect concentric running is convincing even at low speeds.

The so-called “single-cable” motors only need one connecting cable instead of the usual two. This is particularly worthwhile for machines with long lengths of cable.

The asynchronous motors of the NUM CNC SERVİS –  Motors – AMS series offer excellent smoothness of running at low rotational speeds, quick and accurate positioning, and are extremely well suited as a C axis and to spindle indexing.

NUM CNC SERVİS –  Motors – Key motor series data:

  • Servo motors from 0.318 to 160 Nm (IP65, IP67)
  • Nominal servo motor speeds of up to 8000 rpm
  • Spindle motors of up to 55 kW
  • Special built-in motors:
    ○ Water-cooled spindle motors
    ○ Water-cooled servo motors
    ○ Asynchronous and synchronous motor spindles (motor           spindle)
  • Direct-drive motors (torque)
  • “Single-cable” motors
  • Customer-specific motors

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