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CNC Competence



The NUM CNC SERVİS control systems are characterised by a complete system openness for the integrator, allowing know-how to be easily put into practice and perfect adaptability to the most diverse types of machine. The systems feature a module design and are easy to extend by adding optional hardware and software extras. The user interface (HMI) was written using HTML and Java Script, and can be easily adapted using standard, commercially-available tools.Making changes or adding innovations to the actual processing function is never a problem:

  • NUM CNC SERVİS G and M functions can be processed or completely new cycles can be created. This makes, for example, an analysis of yet-untried CNC sets possible, whereby a CNC program can be modified for event control in real time.
  • Structured programming makes reading data and changing these cycles easier.
  • With the aid of the dynamic operators, it is even possible to implement cycles which can be integrated into the real-time kernel of the system.
  • The kinematics of the interpolator can also be customised for unconventional machine kinematics.
  • etc.

This opens up a very wide field for developing unique selling points. To ensure this flexibility can be fully utilised, NUM CNC SERVİS provides the corresponding development tools, with NUM employees not only creating the special functions in accordance with customer specifications, but also putting them into operation.

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